A Brief History of Fibre Hippie

I learned my craft one summer while spending a week at my Grandparents' house.  After a long day of Dollar Store shopping, McDonald's PlayPlaces, and Tim Horton's cinnamon buns, Grandma sat down beside me on the couch and pulled out the softest ball of yarn I have ever felt.  I watched her hands move effortlessly, a fabric appearing below them as quickly and perfectly as if she were a cartoon.  I was mesmerized.

Years of "Learn to Knit" kits later, I took an unplanned hiatus from fibre arts.  The hectic life of my senior years in high school as well as intense training for soccer left little time for anything else.  It wasn't until I found myself in St. John's, Newfoundland that my love for the craft resurfaced.  I joined my university's Fibre Arts society, affectionately named MUNCKS (Memorial University of Newfoundland Crochet and Knitting Society) and proceeded to join the board of executives alongside the amazingly talented Eli of Twisted Bark Toques*.

In a province with a rich history of fibre arts as a way of life, fashion, utility, and household income I have continued to develop my skill.  Traditional patterns and principles have inspired my product line of clothing and accessories.  I have built my experience through my personal experimentation as well as knitting for NONIA** in downtown St. John's.  Now I have decided to share what I've learned in the hopes of spreading my love of all things woolen! 

* Check her out on Facebook.  She's pretty great!         https://www.facebook.com/pages/Twisted-Bark-Toques/109843739074874

** Newfoundland Outport Nursing and Industrial Association      http://www.nonia.com/